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Rental Equipment

All rental material was planed, designed and uniquely manufactured by BallMania.ch and is therefore individually applicable for each client. The focus on Switzerland means that we offer our customers tailor-made concepts: from the colour of the balls to the type of ball pit up to customised branding that matches your look and feel.

You can easily calculate the ball rental. The rental costs for complete ball pit solutions are customer-specific and depend on factors such as special requirements, location, region, duration of the event and the type and size of the rental objects.

Hygiene and cleaning
We emphasise the importance of our high standard of hygiene. The balls are regularly cleaned and disinfected by a specially designed ball washing system. This ensures that our facilities meet all hygiene regulations and we guarantee the highest level of cleanliness at all times.

Safety is our top priority. Our equipment complies with both Swiss and European EN standards and safety requirements and is comprehensively insured. In addition, our “referees” ensure the necessary safety at every BallMania.

Lost items won’t happen with us! Thanks to our unique “body pouches” your personal belongings always remain on you. Should you still lose something, we are happy to help you find it. Please fill out our form on site or contact us online.

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