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With the solutions “inflatable ball pit boarders” and “individual construction”, various playing options such as ball baskets, net games and hoses for ball tracks can be integrated.

The following listed play modules complement the ball pit and are suitable for all age categories. Decentral placements allow the efficient handling of streams of visitors and also draw attention to the main event.

Ball dance

Two teams compete against each other in a challenge. A ball is suspended on each cylinder. Now it’s all about who gets the most balls into the basket the fastest. To do this, you have to transport the balls from cylinder to cylinder with great skill. If one falls down, it is lost! Fun factor guaranteed, not only for children!
Also suitable as an eye-catcher, as colourful balls seem to float on all cylinders without any help.

Ball mikado XXL

Ball mikado is an inflatable XXL game for children and adults and promises excitement from start to finish.

Whirlwind box

The perfect promotion tool for BallMania.ch: The whirlwind box, also called whirl box, can be disassembled and set up in a few minutes. The game variations are countless: Here you have to catch THE one ball in the wind tunnel. The raffle box has a modern design and is equipped with a Led time display and smoke effects.

Ball gripping machine

An ideal tool for raffling give-aways or integrating prize games. With free jettons or cash deposit you can play unlimited.


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