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Ball rental

The perfect and easy way to turn any room into a ball-pit. The entertaining, spectacular, generation-spanning and unforgettable experience!

BallMania.ch, the largest ball-pit in Switzerland with over ½ million balls, fulfils every wish. Rent your desired amount of balls now at BallMania.ch – it’s that easy:

For the following ball-depths you need this many balls per square metre:

Ball depth     Quantity     Volume

80 cm          1,680 balls          0.8 m3

50 cm          1,050 balls          0.5 m3

40 cm             840 balls          0.4 m3

1 m3 ball-pit corresponds to approx. 2,100 balls.

All our balls are quality-tested by TÜV and comply with the EN 71 standards. They are also suitable for children’s installations.

BallMania.ch created by Bim Bam Bino AG - Eichtalstrasse 59 - 8634 Hombrechtikon